Today is release day for The Z Chronicles, an anthology by Samuel Peralta and edited by Ellen Campbell. Authors included are: Angela Cavanaugh, Ann Christy, Christopher Boore, David Adams, Diedre Gould, Geoffrey Wakeling, Hugh Howey, Jennifer Foehner Wells, Kris Holt, Lesley Smith, Peter Cawdron, Stacy Ericson, Theresa Kay and Will Swardstrom.

I had high hopes for this book – a few of my favorite authors are featured: Hugh Howey, Ann Christy & Theresa Kay. Their stories were all excellent, and I was very pleased with the entire anthology. Theresa Kay’s story “Six Days” in particular merits a mention as story that most hit “home” with me and disturbed me greatly. It is a story of a mother’s love that broke my heart, and I can only hope in a similar situation I would be strong enough to do the same. But I was surprised to note that the two stand-out stories were from authors I had never experienced – Christopher Boore and Peter Cawdron. Boore’s “Kamika-Z” was a terrifying scenario – not at all the ending I expected and terribly real and fascinating. I look forward to reading more by this author. Cawdron’s “Free Fall”…WOW! Hands down the best story in the anthology. This was a scenario I had never thought about, and towards the end I was quite literally on the edge of my seat. You will not be disappointed with this anthology.

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